Embroidery Products - Regulations & Policies


We do not accept cancellations, returns & refunds. However, please contact us if you have these below issues:

  1. Resend/refund product:

For a smooth and fast complaint resolution process, we needs to ask the customer to provide:

∙ Shipping label photo

∙ A clear photo of the product's defects (fabric defect, wrong size, wrong design, wrong color, ...)

∙ Complaint settlement time is 7 days from the date the goods are shipped to the customer.


+ With embroidery products, after embroidering, we do not wash the shirt again, so in case the shirt gets a little dirty due to the ink drawing is inevitable, this ink will fly off after washing the shirt, so this will not be considered an error of products.

+ The actual product may be slightly different in color from the product sample photo.

∙ In case the customer wants to resend the product: If the customer finds out and sends a photo to prove that the product is defective by the manufacturer, the customer can keep the defective product, and we will resend the new product.

  1. Wrong size product:

The customer provides a photo of the product measured with the standard size guide in the size chart.

We will check the product photos sent by the customer, in case the product is the wrong size compared to the size chart provided, we will resend the product or refund.

 Note: Actual product sizes may vary slightly from the size chart.

  1. Defective product:

The customer clearly takes a picture of the defective product.

We will check the product photos, in case the product is defective due to the manufacturer, we will resend the product or refund.

  1. Wrong address:

It is extremely important to provide the correct address and phone number of the customer. In case, the customer provides the wrong address and phone number, we will not be responsible for the lost goods.

  1. Customer did not receive the product:

In case the customer does not receive the product, we will check with the shipping unit and resend the product to the customer. However, before we resend the product, the customer needs to send us the proof from USPS/Royal Mail (proof can be an email/scanned mail) claiming "Not Delivered Item(s)" (with full customer info in the proof), we need this proof to claim insurance for customers from the logistics company.

  1. Problems arising from shipping, customs:

∙ In case the goods are still in the original country, for some reason the goods are returned, we will refund the customer.

∙ In case the goods are inspected and destroyed by foreign customs, we will not be responsible. However, the case of customs holding goods is very low. In this case, the goods will be destroyed without notice so we will not be responsible, no refund.

∙ We do not pay tax fees incurred from the destination country.

∙ Shipping orders will take 1 to 3 weeks or longer depending on the shipping unit and destination countries (US customers may receive the order earlier than customers from other countries).

  1. Copyright and intellectual property issues:

For copyright claims losses, customs holding and destruction of copyrighted goods, we will not be responsible for these losses.